A large Sycamore tree has fallen over very near the bridge and right across the river. It fell four weeks ago but we only realised a couple of days ago. From the field it is not visible and only the Alpacas regularly visit that corner by the bridge. The land dips away to the steep river bank at that point and, with the canopy of the trees, they have found they are well hidden.


Just to the left of the red box, in that black hole is where it stood.

Needless to say, various kids from the village were soon swarming all over it, adding a walkway of old fenceposts. At the confluence of the Ludbrook and the river Erm, where a little island is formed below the bridge and that had now become accessible, they built a fire. A rope swing was another useful addition…



It is a pity, but some blokes are coming next week to saw it up and haul it out of there. The river is very low at the moment but the weather has turned and there is more rain as I look out of the cottage window at a stormy sky. The tree would form the basis of a very effective dam and exacerbate the flooding problems we have down this stretch of the river.

Must be a few ton of wood there. I will ask the blokes next week…


Author: Terry

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