Vitamin D – Sunshine replacement therapy

Today has been the day of Vitamin D supplement for the Alpacas. This is a squirtable tube of sunshine delivered by a squirty gun very like the implements used for bathroom sealant and the like. Ironically the day has been, for the most part, sunny and warm. We also took the opportunity to remove the halters from Diego, Logun and Willow. The big male, Diego, made the most fuss, of course, and tried to land some green spit on us but I was ready for him so the fence got the full brunt. Afterwards they all had a snack as a bit of a reward or ‘thank you’ for not trampling us.

Willow and Logun, suspicious

Vitamin D helps Alpacas with the prevention of rickets and other bone problems that can occur in winter at our latitudes in the UK.


Author: Terry

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