Thievin’ Orange Tit

It has puzzled me for quite a while now (and you can now tell I ponder the great questions of the Universe) as to why this particular bird is described and named as a ‘redbreast’.

I was forced into re-pondering this question when, yesterday, I was digging a few spuds for supper when this little chap flew down from the hedge and got quite close, within 2 feet I should think. Hopped about a bit, snaffling a gourmet selection of flying and crawling insects, posed for some photographs then flew onto the fence and watched me for 5 minutes before flying off to it’s future…


Definitely an orange breast….


Yup – A Robin OrangeBreast

We have had a good first crop of potatoes though the weeds have taken their toll, as well as a dry year so far (comparatively and anecdotally). The nematodes seem to have kept pest damage down. There has been the odd French Bean (even the French call it a Rouge Gorge…) plant with Blackfly but they have been caught early and dealt with by hand. The beans have done very well as have the courgettes. We are growing some old varieties from France and I can say that the yellow ones are very tasty – not a word I have normally associated with supermarket varieties.

I shall ask Isabelle their names and post a list later.