The Story so far…

Its all about a piece of land and some Alpacas… and a river running through it.

Below is a view from Google Earth (thanks) of the field as it was last year. It shows, remarkably, the 4 Alpacas and , because we know that the ‘baby’ Logun stays with his mother, Willow and Auntie Summer stays nearby keeping Diego away and in his place, we can identify them individually.

Not only that but we are sitting at the table having a picnic which you can see by the shadows… Big Brother is watching over me….

Field as is

Rotated view here>

Below is a concept, one of many, on what we would like the field to become… a productive playground that will benefit everyone who comes into contact with it.

The original plan…

The land is about 5 acres of grasses and wild flowers, grazed by 4 Alpacas and bordered to the north west by the road to Totnes which curves around to the east and crosses the river Erm via an old stone bridge. The river forms the boundary to the south east and flows to the sea at Wonwell, 3 or 4 miles down river. The river is home to trout, sea bass and all the usual inhabitants of a healthy free flowing river from the moor. Duck, Herons, Geese, Snowy Egrets, Kingfishers and Dippers nest and feed up and down the river.

We have 4 Alpacas, 14 chickens of various types, ages and colours. Some are rescued battery hens and they are all now beautiful. There is one cockerel, a bantam named Chirpie (because he did a lot of chirping when a fluffy chick and it references his probable ultimate fate – Chicken pie). Recent additions have been 2 **** and 3 running ducklings, hatched by one of our broody hens, ****.

Quick, Quack and Qwuk with their mother

In addition to the various fowlage there are about 15 guinea pigs in a large enclosure (females) and 4 males running about, ‘free range’ as it were.

At the weekends we are joined by Cassie, a french poodle, who is more or less at the bottom of the pecking order but does enjoy a stollen feast of chicken guano. She also likes to make sure that her fur is thoroughly marinated in it as well.


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